Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Best Use Yet For Twitter - Buying Weed

Entrepreneurship meets idealism?

By Steve Elliott in Chronic City

In a case of good old American entrepreneurship, one medical marijuana merchant has taken advantage of the Twitter craze to turbocharge sales and receive the kind of media attention that no amount of money can buy.

With the number of legal medical marijuana suppliers in California skyrocketing, competition for available customers is getting more intense. Dann Halem, director of Artists Collective, a Los Angeles-based dispensary, offers free delivery and a flashy online presence with a Web site and pages on social networks like MySpace -- where the collective has more than 4,500 friends -- and Facebook.

But what garnered national headlines for Artists Collective is its Twitter feed, which only went online two weeks ago. "We've been open for six months, and I've been doing this project for 18 [months], and only in the last two weeks with a Twitter account has anybody started paying attention to us," Halem told Fox News. "That sends a message -- an important one -- and it really has been, strangely enough, the fact that we're using Twitter that has opened the door."

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